Designing Doctor’s Diary: Our Logo, Our Philosophy

3 min readFeb 14, 2017


Doctor’s Dairy is a Data Driven Preventive Electronic Health Record application that appreciates the need of electronic health data and envisages bridging the gap between healthcare and computing which exists in majority of developing countries including India.

The organization yearns to formulate a technologically more sound and sober medical and health care sectors that would further help the humankind. Rather than employing the 5,000 year old system of paper records, it abets and assists electronic record maintenance, which abates likelihood of human errors and allows the doctors to come up with a more informed decisions and course of actions. This platform when effectively exercised and exploited can be brought to help thousands of path breaking drug developmental projects, medical trials, fast patient improvements, and improved medical diagnosis.

The logo therefore tries to typify this scientific revolution by its eye-catching symbol as well as logotype.

The name with two ‘D’s harmonize each other perfectly by somewhat rhyming and thus becomes easy to remember, attracting the anticipated audience [Figure a]. It pertinently gives a lucid notion of what the application intends to do. Furthermore, members of different linguistics families without much toil can easily enunciate it.

The symbol intelligently uses the D’s on all sides and forming a symbolic capsule imparting a direct medical sense [Figure b]. The symbolic capsules are aligned to also represent a cross, a medical symbol used all over the world to refer to doctors [Figure c].

Along with all these insignias, the design form also generates a ‘heart’ shape on both sides [Figure d-e]. If looked assiduously, a ramp signal, which basically denotes the active inspiration process denoted by the rising graph, a flat white line which denotes a period of rest, followed by a passive expiration denoted by the falling graph of the human respiratory system is formed in the gap [Figure f].

There is a beautiful play of colors, red and blue that gives a strong visual satisfaction by imparting an intricate yet bold as brass statement. The sound of the logotype is in all sense relevant to its audience. The word ‘diary’ itself gives a purport of record-keeping, which is what the application endeavors to do — retention of records of patients known or unknown allowing the doctors and medical researchers to have a better and systematic tab of desired medical conditions.

Likewise, the logotype font aptly reflects the persona, disposition and individuality that attract the intended audience. The logo successfully imparts the visual manifestation of the anticipated agendas and functions of the portal, allowing a better reach to the medical data of different patients with different geographical settings. Irrefutably the logo with its symbol, logotype and color consolidation is infused with lots of astute as well as robust connotations of the objectives anticipated by the given portal. Doctor’s Diary is the brain child of Brainpan Innovations that will play an imperative role in the kind of upheaval and transformation the organization aims to attain in healthcare sector. The organization closely studied and analysed the healthcare sector of developing nations and realized that in the age of Little Data, Old Data, No Data’.

Doctor’s Diary is indeed the future of medical data records.