Brainpan: Connecting Nature, Art, and Design

2 min readFeb 26, 2017


Brainpan means cranium or skull.

Brainpan Innovations is a powerhouse of concepts and ideas in the areas of healthcare, accelerating innovations and novelties in developing countries. Rather than accepting the traditional mechanics and workings in the healthcare, the organization envisions the amalgamation of various scholastic brains, aiming to improve in the Indian healthcare industry. At Brainpan, the interdisciplinary team of computational scientists, computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and medical doctors are persistently working to create a healthier and better world.

Logo Concept

Our logo conceptualizes and gestates the blend of analytical and creative facets of the brain i.e. the academic and logical left and the artistic and creative right side of the brain. When closely observed, the symbol is an offshoot of superimposition of the cursive letters b and p. Letter b, works as a signifier for, “brain, ideas, and innovation”. The letter p can be referred as the pan blending various ingredients to create a luscious dish (i.e. interdisciplinary team and thoughts). The overlap of b and p exists in a continuum without losing their singularity and idiosyncrasy. This orchestration also creates an infinity symbol signifying continuously improvement and innovation.

The logotype is simple, handwritten yet modern and unprecedented work of art. It does not employ any font style.

The bold and beautiful emanation of the symbol and the logotype allows them to be used separately as well as together for they equilibrate perfectly.

The colors used are scientifically proven to provide calm, soothing effect and positive energy to the brain. While blue and yellow are argued to have an uplifting and energizing effect, purple has a sense of richness and drama, and usually associated with creativity giving a scheme of depth. Together they visualize a sense of modernity and contemporaneity, which is exactly what Brainpan Innovations as a healthcare startup considers itself. The positioning of the two letters at a certain angle reproduces a sense of infinity, reflecting the ambitious effort of Brainpan Innovations to revolutionize the healthcare in developing nations like India.